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SSA Newsletter

A bi-yearly Progress update

December 2023 | Study Abroad

Michelle Durán
CEO & Director of Academic Affairs

Industry News and Updates

Participation and Collaboration

  • Our attendance at ACTFL 2023 fostered invaluable connections within the world of language education.
  • Anticipate our participation at the Forum on Education Abroad’s 20th Annual Conference in 2024.

SSA News & Updates

  • Michelle Durán-Ruiz‘s elevation to CEO marks a new chapter of vision and collaboration. See Michelle’s thoughts on the power of study abroad from our Seville headquarters:
  • System improvements and digital evolutions to our website and student portal are set to enhance partner and student experiences. Look out for a new portal in Q1 of 2024 along with new branding and website design for Q2.
  • Patagonia opens its doors with a groundbreaking undergrad program focused on environmental science, available exclusively in June 2024.
  • Enhanced mental health training with MindPlace empowers our staff to nurture the comprehensive well-being of our students more effectively.
  • Introducing our Alumni Success Stories feature—sharing inspirational journeys to motivate future generations. Connect with us to highlight your students’ achievements.
  • Student evaluations highlight exceptional performance: 88.5% rate Resident Directors and support staff as excellent or above average, while 93% commend the cultural relevance of activities and tours.

Professional Development & Insights

pd summer alicante

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SSA stands out as a first-rate provider of authentic educational experiences in Spanish-speaking locales. Known for our tailored programs that plunge students into the language, SSA encourages deep academic and personal growth throughout both Spain and Latin America.

Whether it’s through custom faculty-led programs, specialized high school trips, or enriching semesters abroad, Spanish Studies Abroad ensures that every journey is not just a trip but a transformative adventure in learning. With a holistic approach to language fluency and cultural understanding, each SSA program is more than an education—it’s a gateway to a global future.

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Who We Serve
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Seville, Spain

Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Spanish Life in Seville! 🇪🇸✈️🎓

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, otherwise known as Sagrada Família

Barcelona, Spain

Explore Barcelona’s Rich Heritage & Spanish Delights! 🌟🏙️🇪🇸


Alicante, Spain

Dive into Spanish Culture and Education in Sun-Kissed Alicante! 🌅📖🇪🇸

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Experience the Fusion of Cultures in San Juan’s SSA Adventure! 🌴📚🇵🇷

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Córdoba, Argentina

Dive into Authentic Cultural Immersion in the Heart of Argentina! 🇦🇷📚🌆

Click here to see Liberal Arts in Advanced Spanish San Juan, Puerto Rico

Panama City, Panama

Navigate Through Panama’s Cultural Diversity with English Studies! 🛤️🌐🇵🇦

Patagonia Header

Patagonia, Argentina

Venture into Patagonia’s Wild Beauty with the SSA Environmental Studies Program! 🏞️🔍🇦🇷🇨🇱

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