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Why Study Abroad: 8 Clear Reasons to Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Photo by: Kathryn Vajda, Córdoba Spanish Studies Spring Semester 2018

Why Study Abroad: 8 Clear Reasons to Study Abroad

Globalization is occurring around the world, leading to a greater need for international relations. A British Council study shows employers are under increasing pressure to find employees with the right soft skills.

Study abroad students perform better across the board as well as getting jobs faster. Let’s take a closer look at how studying abroad has such a powerful influence on their lives.

Learning a new language

Did you know that if you speak Spanish, French, and English, you can travel from the very tip of North America to the foot of South America?

In life, communication is vital, and this starts with learning a new language. To get the best language opportunities, you should consider:

Follow advice on how to make the most of your time abroad and improve your language skills. Avoid spending too much time with your home university group. Instead, try to make friends with locals.

Experience a different culture

Learning a language is the beginning of communication. Seeing yourself, your culture, or even the world through the prism of a different culture is how to master it. 

It’s like learning not how people say things, but why people say things the way they do and what motivates them to do so. True immersion!

Living abroad for an extended period is not like going on holiday. Learn to avoid the tourist traps and learn how to get the most out of your new city. You will speak ten times better when you leave.

Food is always unique to the part of the world that you’re in. You might discover a well-known dish done in a completely different way. It even applies to drinks, too, like coffee and tea!

Customs and traditions might be anything from local music to festivals and ceremonies. There are some pretty crazy customs out there. You’ll realize that different cultures each have a particular personality.

The very best education

The best universities and private learning establishments in international rankings may not be in your country

Studying in a different country helps you realize that we don’t all see things in the same way. Exploring the history of America on courses in France, Spain, or the UK may reveal a very different point of view.

If you choose to do your entire degree abroad, it may be significantly cheaper than studying at home, in particular if you’re from the US. Benefit from available scholarships. 

Also, see how your financial aid is applicable to study abroad to help fund degrees/your program. Different schools have different support available, so ask your school advisor.

Graduate/career opportunities

Employers value graduates with international experience and higher education more and more.

Going abroad shows a wide range of skills. Thirst and initiative, adventure, cultural awareness, perspective, problem-solving skills, self-sufficiency, and more!

Your peers all share a very similar CV. Once you’ve studied abroad, you stand out massively from the crowd

Many decide to remain overseas and find a job there. Those who return find themselves at a distinct advantage when joining the workforce.

Rutgers University Students On A Service Trip To San Juan, Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Students on a service trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Students on a service trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Personal development/challenge

Become independent. Leaving your home and parents behind is in and of itself a significant challenge; doing so will shape you as a young adult.

Become a young adult. When you come back, you’ll rely on others much less and revel in your new-found self-sufficiency.

Be more spontaneous and adventurous.

Do more with less. Going abroad, you’ll take little with you and have limited funds/resources. Despite this, you’ll surprise yourself by finding ways to get by.

Appreciate what you have. Once you’ve been abroad and come back, you tend to realize how important your family and friends are.

Learn to problem-solve. The unique life experience you’ll gain will give you a specific toolset that few others can boast.

Friendships to last a lifetime

While abroad, you will meet a diverse range of people. Travel with them and learn to see the world from a different point of view. 

Make an effort to maintain relationships with these people once you graduate. It has many benefits on both a personal and professional level. You’ll have many opportunities to support each other throughout your lives and careers.

Finding new interests

You will discover a plethora of new experiences and activities. 

For example, the Spanish play a game called padel, a mixture of squash and tennis. The British have played several games unique to the commonwealth, such as cricket and badminton, for generations. 

The US presents opportunities to try baseball or American football. You’ll also discover new forms of entertainment, from plays, movies, and concerts, to dancing and nightclubs.

International travel

You should spend time outside the US!

It’s an excellent opportunity to see the world. Studying in Europe or Asia is the perfect opportunity to spend weekends away in neighboring countries.

Wherever you go, it will embolden your character, change your world view, and increase your empathy.

Why should I study abroad?

As you’ve seen, there are many reasons why you should study abroad. The benefits are enormous, from personal development and career readiness to seeing the world, reducing cross-cultural boundaries, and making new friends.

So now you know why, get out there and check out some programs!

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