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SSA has been offering Spanish language and cultural immersion programs abroad since 1969.

Beginning with our program in Seville, Spain, and expanding to Alicante and Barcelona in Spain, and beyond to Latin American destinations such as Havana, Cuba, Córdoba and Patagonia in Argentina, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, SSA has developed a reputation for academic excellence and a commitment to students’ intellectual, cultural and personal growth. SSA brings this commitment to life through its cultural immersion program model, a strong and broad curriculum, small classes, and excellent instructional staff.

SSA prides itself on bringing this high academic standard to all of its programs and partnerships.

As an established study-abroad institution, we can provide our academic partnerships with a great deal of flexibility and quality according to an institution’s specific needs.

SSA is one of the first study abroad providers to have completed the Forum on Education Abroad’s QUIP Review. By undergoing this process, we have demonstrated our conformity with the Forum’s “Standards of Good Practice.” We maintain a commitment to offering high-quality programs in education abroad and to continuous assessment and improvement.

Faculty-Led Programs

Enhance your studies with SSA’s Faculty-Led Programs. Ideal for hands-on learning and cultural immersion, these programs offer direct access to expert faculty and unique global experiences. Dive into a new culture while advancing your academic goals.

Site Visits

SSA organizes group site visits each year in an effort to offer our academic partners firsthand knowledge of program changes and additions. These visits are an orientation to the SSA programs, facilities, and staff, as well as the local cultures and surroundings. You will join a select group of faculty, advisors, and administrators as you travel through Spain or Cuba. If you are hoping to gain an invaluable perspective on our academic programs abroad, as well as a better understanding of the unique experiences we are able to provide your students, please click below.

Professional Development

SSA in Alicante offers a summer course specifically designed for teachers of Spanish as a second language and graduate students preparing to teach who wish to develop professionally through deepening their intercultural knowledge and experiences.

Affiliate Institutions

Institutions interested in affiliation may contact Dr. Michelle Durán, Academic Director and CEO, at or (413) 256-0011.


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The IRs are your go-to contacts for navigating the complex study abroad process. 

They aim to respond to all inquiries within one business day.

Don’t hesitate to drop a message. No question is too small!

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