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Spanish Study Abroad

Córdoba, Argentina

Immerse yourself in the heart of Argentina with our Summer Study Abroad program in Córdoba, where you’ll engage in an enriching academic adventure surrounded by the city’s colonial history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes.
Short Term
Terms: Summer
Credits: 3-6 cr
Starting Price: $5,300
Spanish Study Abroad

Córdoba, Argentina

Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Argentine culture and language with our Liberal Arts in Advanced Spanish program in Córdoba, Argentina, offering a comprehensive academic experience designed to refine your Spanish proficiency amidst the city’s historic charm and academic excellence.
Semester, Year
Terms: Spring, Fall, Academic Year
Credits: 17-22 cr
Starting Price: $15,700
Spanish Study Abroad

Córdoba, Argentina

Explore the vibrant intersection of culture, history, and language with our Liberal Arts in Spanish program in Córdoba, Argentina, a comprehensive educational journey tailored for students eager to enhance their Spanish skills while experiencing the rich traditions and academic vitality of one of Argentina’s most historic cities.
Semester, Year
Terms: Spring, Fall, Academic Year
Credits: 14-18 cr
Starting Price: $15,700
Study Abroad

Córdoba & Patagonia, Argentina

Embark on a unique ecological adventure with our Environmental Sciences Summer Study Abroad program in Patagonia, Argentina, where you’ll immerse yourself in the pristine natural landscapes of this remote region while studying environmental sciences and conservation, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students passionate about the environment.
Short Term
Terms: Summer
Credits: 4 cr
Starting Price: $5,200

Overview of Córdoba, Argentina

Video by SSA Córdoba student Jem Taylor as the final project on his marketing & media studies internship!

Córdoba, Argentina, serves as a vibrant nexus for education and culture in the heart of the country’s second largest metropolitan area. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Chica mountains in northern Argentina, this city, established in 1573 by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, pulses with a rich academic and artistic life. Known for its prestigious universities, dynamic theaters, and diverse museums, Córdoba offers students a unique opportunity to study abroad in a setting that blends historical depth with contemporary cultural vitality. As the capital of Córdoba Province, the city not only stands as a prominent educational and commercial hub but also as a testament to Argentina’s commitment to arts and learning, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an immersive cultural and academic experience abroad.

Why choose Córdoba, Argentina over other destinations?

Studying abroad in Córdoba offers a unique blend of immersive academic opportunities within a city rich in cultural heritage and vibrant student life, set against the backdrop of Argentina’s stunning natural landscapes. Its prestigious universities and dynamic cultural scene provide an unparalleled environment for personal and intellectual growth, distinguishing Córdoba from other destinations.

Why Study Abroad in Córdoba, Argentina?

🏛 Historical and Cultural Richness

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🖼 Artistic Heritage

Córdoba, with its rich blend of colonial and modern art, offers a captivating exploration of Argentine culture. From the historical streets lined with colonial architecture to vibrant murals depicting the region’s history, students can immerse themselves in a city where every corner tells a story.

🍴 Gastronomic Exploration

Delve into the heart of Argentine culinary tradition in Córdoba. Begin your day with a light desayuno, enjoy the main event at almuerzo with dishes like empanadas, and partake in the late-night cena tradition. Experience the communal ritual of Yerba Mate, and discover vegetarian-friendly options in a city known for its meat-centric cuisine but also accommodating diverse dietary preferences.

📚 Cultural Learning

Embrace Argentine culture through immersive experiences. The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and PECLA offer programs that integrate students into local life, from history-rich visits like the Manzana Jesuítica to engaging with the community through volunteer work and cultural festivals.

🌿 Natural Escapes

Córdoba’s landscape invites exploration of Argentina’s natural beauty. From tranquil parks to the adventurous Andean foothills, the region offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation, reflecting Argentina’s diverse ecosystem.

🌟 Engaged Living

Living in Córdoba means adapting to the Argentine daily routine, where the rhythm of life slows down during siesta and comes alive at night. With a vibrant student population and friendly locals, Córdoba offers a dynamic environment for making new friends and experiencing Argentine nightlife, all while emphasizing the importance of balancing academic responsibilities with cultural immersion.

Your semester in Córdoba, Argentina, is set to be an immersive exploration, not just academically, but deep into the fabric of Argentine culture and history. We’ve tailored a series of cultural activities and excursions specifically designed to enrich your experience, connecting you with the unique heritage and vibrant lifestyle of this region. Here’s a glimpse of the enriching activities planned for your time in Córdoba:

🎨 Cultural Excursions:

Historic Journeys: Dive into the revolutionary past with a visit to Alta Gracia’s Che Guevara Museum, offering insights into the life of this iconic figure.
Human Rights Education: Engage with Argentina’s recent history at La Perla, a former clandestine detention center, in collaboration with the UNION group and Pecla.
Indigenous Legacy: Explore the rich pre-Columbian history in Jujuy and Salta through a visit to the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology (MAAM).

💃 Cultural Immersion:

Tango Passion: Experience the soul of Argentina with tango sessions led by dance experts, immersing yourself in this sensual dance.
Artistic Heritage: Visit the Palacio Ferreyra and other historical museums in Córdoba city to witness the artistic evolution of the region.
Architectural Marvel: Explore the Manzana Jesuítica, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcasing the Jesuitic influence on education and architecture.

🍴 Culinary Adventures:

Local Cuisine: Master the art of making empanadas in an Argentine cooking workshop, discovering the flavors that define this beloved national dish.

🗣 Social Connections:

Community Engagement: Participate in monthly social/cultural gatherings with speaking partners, enhancing your Spanish and fostering local friendships.

This curated selection of activities is crafted to ensure you not only learn about but also live the essence of Córdoba and Argentina. Most activities are included in your program’s cost, though some may require a small additional fee. Availability can vary based on the program schedule. These experiences promise a semester filled with cultural discovery, academic enrichment, and memories to last a lifetime in the heart of Argentina. 🇦🇷✨

SSA Cooking Class in Córdoba, Argentina

Meet your Resident Director

This is a great moment to live an experience that you will keep in your heart, throughout your personal and academic life. I expect that students will open their minds and hearts to other forms of knowledge. While excellent academics is the main reason to study at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, the richest aspect of your experience will be getting to know another culture - which I’m sure you will fall in love with!
Pat Maqueda
Resident Director, Córdoba, Argentina


Homestays in Córdoba, Argentina, offer a unique gateway to deep cultural immersion, providing an invaluable perspective into the Argentine way of life. While enrolled in the intensive language and culture course or during the regular semester, students are placed with welcoming local families in proximity to the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. This arrangement not only facilitates early language acquisition but also offers a firsthand look into the everyday customs and traditions of Córdoba. Engaging with your host family over meals and through daily interactions allows for a deeper understanding of the nuanced, non-verbal aspects of Argentine culture, including values and beliefs that shape their way of life.

Included in your homestay experience are comprehensive amenities such as full room and board, along with laundry services and room cleaning. Should you have specific dietary needs or require special accommodations, arrangements can be made, though additional fees may apply. The Spanish Studies team takes great care in selecting host families that can provide a supportive and serene environment, conducive to both cultural immersion and academic success. Regular visits and discussions with host families ensure that standards for a positive and enriching stay are consistently met.

Remember, bringing a thoughtful gift for your host family is a wonderful way to express gratitude and start your homestay on a positive note.

Anniversary Lunch Celebrating My Host Parents, Lirios And Pepe's Wedding Anniversary With All Of The Family.

Where will you study?

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), founded by Jesuits in 1613, stands as one of Latin America’s oldest and most prestigious institutions. Nestled in the heart of Córdoba’s historic downtown, UNC is a beacon of academic excellence and cultural heritage, boasting significant historical sites and resources, including the old rectorado building and a rare book collection unique in the Americas. Known as “la Docta” due to its central role in Córdoba’s intellectual life, the university attracts around 100,000 students from across Argentina and South America, offering a vibrant campus life enriched with museums, theaters, and nightlife. Each year, UNC welcomes around 300 international students, providing a rich environment for cultural and linguistic immersion. In collaboration with the Programa de Español y Cultura Latinoamericana (PECLA), UNC offers a wide range of courses tailored to meet the academic needs of international students, fostering a deep engagement with Argentine culture and Spanish language proficiency.

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